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    We need to sell 1,000,000 WAY tokens at the price of $0.10 per token on the LaToken exchange to start our mining operation.

    Bitway Network

    12. December – 2020

  • Note that the explorer is in beta mode. We’re expecting the Bitway network to be fully operative by Q2 2020.


    22. May – 2020

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Terms of Service

Thank you for choosing Bitway (here in after referred to as “Bitway”, “we”, “us”, or the like).

We recommend that you review the terms carefully before using our services. The services are intended for companies and individuals (“the Investor”, “you”, “you” or the like) who wish to invest in Digital Currency. We assume that the Investor owns or acquires sufficient knowledge of Digital Currency to make justified investment decisions and even assesses the risks associated with investments in and trading with Digital Currency.

Swivetor OÜ

General information

 Legal form:Private limited company
 Registry code:14767886
 Registration date:24.07.2019 (1)
 Field of operation:Administrative and support service activities
 Capital:12 000.00 EUR
 Address:Harju maakond, Tallinn, Mustamäe linnaosa, Mäealuse tn 3a, 12618

SEAS – Registry: 915200311
Nygaardsplassen 1607 Fredrikstad Norway.

Activity licenses and notices of economic activities

Activity licensce FRK001187
Category: Financial services
Providing a virtual currency wallet service
Valid since: 08.01.2020
End of validity: termless

Activity license FVR001305
Category: Financial services
Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency
Valid since: 08.01.2020
End of validity: termless

Disclosure statements

Not a security

Bitway (WAY) tokens are not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. The primary purpose of purchasing Bitway (WAY) tokens is for the use of Bitway services. While Bitway has a system in place that may result in the growth in value of Bitway (WAY) tokens, and a secondary market for Bitway (WAY) tokens may be available, Bitway does not take legal responsibility for any loss in value of Bitway (WAY) tokens. Please understand that the Bitway token is not a security but meant for use within the Bitway ecosystem to pay for all Bitway services.


Bitway (WAY) tokens may have no value and there is no guarantee or representation of liquidity for Bitway (WAY) tokens. Bitway and its representatives are not and shall not be responsible for or liable for the market value of Bitway (WAY) tokens, the transferability and/or liquidity of Bitway (WAY) tokens and/or the availability of any market for Bitway (WAY) tokens through third parties or otherwise.

Risks of investing and trading in tokens/cryptocurrencies Participating and investing in tokens/cryptocurrencies accompanies significant risks. Price of tokens/cryptocurrencies may fluctuate at any time, which can lead to the increase or decrease of user’s assets or even become worthless. Therefore, only users familiar with transaction of tokens/cryptocurrencies should consider this opportunity. You understand the purchase price may not represent the current fair market valuation. You agree to assume the risk of asymmetrical information between the issuer and you, and you are advised to undertake additional due diligence to reduce any risks associated.

Not financial advice

Bitway does not offer investment advice in connection with its services. For example, when sending out newsletters, we may provide information regarding price, scope, volatility and events that have affected the price of tokens/cryptocurrencies. This is general information or our general perception of events. Such newsletters are not and cannot be used as advice for any particular person or as investment advice on tokens/cryptocurrencies. Bitway disclaims responsibility for any loss that users claim to have suffered as a result of having used such and other information from Bitway. Any decision to buy or sell tokens/cryptocurrencies is a person’s independent decision and Bitway has no responsibility for any losses that any person may suffer in this connection.

Regulatory issues

Government supervisory measures and applicable laws and regulations may change from time to time, which might cause an adverse impact on users, change the nature of a token or limit the use of a token. In addition, user’s transaction of cryptocurrency may expose user to taxation and regulatory risks. Besides, an issuer may not be able to successfully complete the release of its services or products, have its services or products be widely adopted, attract developers to develop applications to attract other users, or expand its user base through widespread use and adoption of the token. An issuer may also be the target of malicious cyberattacks or may contain exploitable flaws in its underlying code, which may result in security breaches and the loss or theft of tokens. There is no assurance of token delivery or other liquidity event. The user may not have an accurate appraisal of the future valuation of the tokens. Finally, the blockchain network used by the token operator is subject to change at any time, and any of these changes may have unintended consequences, and therefore these risks should be carefully assessed by the user.

Limitation of liability

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Bitway cannot be held liable for any financial loss, including lost profits, profits, earnings, or any such opportunity – neither directly nor indirectly. Bitway cannot be held responsible for downtime, malfunction, interruptions, and the fact that the account is closed or frozen for whatever reason or lack of availability of the site.